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"We moved across the country to Virginia and knew very little about the town that would be our new home. Somehow we were extremely fortunate to meet and work with Greg. As our realtor, he took the time to introduce us to the area and to listen to and show us homes that met our needs and wants. More than that, though, Greg became a friend, helping us grow a network of support in our new town. When it came time to sell our home, we didn't hesitate to reach out to Greg. He went all-out to get the word out about the sale of our home, and in the end it paid off! In addition to helping us find a buyer, he and his office staff stuck around and walked us through the various stages of selling from contract to title signing. We've since moved to another state, but we're grateful to have worked with Greg. All of our real estate interactions will be measured against the standard he's set."

-Allie D.

"Our family found Greg and Cesar accessable and helpful throughout the sale/purchase of our home.  They made time for our questions and concerns and went above expectations.  They considered the best for our family and honored their word."


"We, as a family, were pleased that Greg heard our concerns with listing a home we dearly loved. We had a need to relocate and time was important in the liquidation process. Contact was usually made before a perspective buyer came to view. Immediate responses to showings were helpful in that it allowed us to see the strengths and distinctive features that potential buyers gravitated to. Greg was our third realtor, in a ten month period, that saw what our home could potentially offer and not just go with comparable listings of houses. Within two months, we were negotiating a contract. We were pleased with the service offered, respect shown to both seller and potential buyer. It was a good fit for all. I would recommend Greg to those seeking to sell or purchase a home or land."


"Greg was very patient and flexible with us. We spend a long time looking and he was always ready to show us what we requested along with some recommended listings along the way. When we decided on a property, he was very thorough with the contract and negotiations. We closed our house in 25 days!  It was a pleasure to work with Greg and I would recommend him and his office for anyone looking for real estate in the central Virginia area." 

 - mycville1

"I have zero complaints. Greg honestly worked for my interests in purchasing a first home and did everything he could to make the process as smooth as possible. I had a complicated sale moving from out of state. Greg Kaplan understood and worked with me through b the complexities." 

- EdwardKayser

"Greg was great. He told us what was coming. Then he walked us through the bid process three times. He showed properties on our schedule which meant weekends and evenings. Once we had a house, he kept with us on the often confusing trip to closing making sure we were doing at the time it needed  to be done. But what I am most grateful for is that we were looking for a house under $100,000. Greg said he treated all his clients the same. I believe him. He has a good heart. I started working with Greg about a year and a half ago, and made my fist home buying experience excellent. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the home buying process. He is very patient, and stuck by my side the entire time, even if I was hesitant and looked at dozens of homes before I found the right one. He is thorough in his work, and will explain all the parts of the home buying process and answers all questions in a timely manner, no matter the time of day. I would trust Greg in my future home buying endeavors. He really does make it feel like have a realtor in the family!" 

- hawkeye 66

"Greg is truly a man of his word, and treats every client the same regardless of the size of their budget. He is very helpful with pointing negative things out about a house and not just trying to make a sale. We were also very impressed with Gregs caring personality towards us and and the other   party's involved through out the home buying process. His slogan 'like having a realtor in the family' is no lie he really means that. Thank you for your diligence and comiment to your job and community!" 

- martinwmiller

"As a first time home buyer I was about every emotion in the book. I was excited yet scared to go off and buy a home on my own, knowing the responsibility and sacrifices I would have to take like every home owner. Being that it was just myself that was starting out in a home, I was intimidated by  the price tag that came with them. Greg sat down and treated me as his own family, going over in depth what I should and shouldn't be focused on about a home. He introduced me to a man that he works hand in hand with every day, Jon Higginbotham, who sat down with me and went over my finances with me to let me know what I can and can't afford. I searched for a home with Greg for a year almost, and just when I thought I had a home of my own another family beat me to the punch line. I was very upset at first, but Greg told me that there is a home out there and when I find it everything that has come and gone will be all worth it in the end. A month went buy, and there it was! I can say now that I am a home owner and am very excited to start the next step on my life. I cannot think Greg enough for what he has done. In this process I have not only met a great Christian man, but I have gained a friend. I recommend anyone who is looking to buy/sell/rent a home or land to contact Greg Kaplan. He is very supportive of our troops and is willing to give back to them in any way he can, including his very own money through a process called Veterans First. His helpfulness did not just stop when I closed on my home. Greg told me if I ever needed help or did not understand anything, whether it be something that comes in the mail the next few months or whatever the case may be, to contact him and he will help me as best as he can, both him and Jon. If that doesn't tell you what kind of man Greg is I'm not sure what will. The blessing I have had working with this man cannot be summed up in words as much as he has shown me in his own actions." 

- docbuttah

"I first met Greg when he was showing properties to a friend who had already moved to this area. I was impressed with his keen eye for noticing areas of concern/repair on homes they were looking at. My wife worked in a real estate office in the state we moved from (and not a Re/Max office), so when  his name showed as a trusted referral from their office I knew I would not look any further. Despite vast research, riding by and occasionally walking the property before calling him, he was still always happy to go show us the MANY homes that were NOT quite right for us. And then we found the perfect home....sort-of. After several months and 30+ homes we really used his and his supporting staff's expertise by purchasing an auction style home thru Altisource that took more than a normal amount of patience and extra time on his part to make this our home! Greg has unmatched knowledge and has an awesome list of professionals for financing, repairs, inspections, land surveys, plumbing, etc. I highly recommend Greg and truly feel we made a new friend moving to this area!!" 

- wolfman014

"Greg is great!  We were first time homebuyers and he helped us thru every step of the process.  Because this was our first time, my wife would often text Greg at all hours of the day and night with questions and he never got frustrated or impatient.  We would highly recommend him when you are   considering buying or selling!" 

- bsy64

"Greg did an amazing job with our home purchase. I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of every aspect of real estate. He is genuine in nature and caring in the service that he delivers which is not easy to find. From beginning to end, he was there for my family during the   entire process. I would use most definitely recommend him to anyone in the home buying or selling process!" 

- user4656446

"We were relocating to the Charlottesville/Waynesboro area.  Greg was an excellent resource for information regarding amenities, proximity to/from neighborhoods to those amenities and work, history and information about the area, and what to look for and how to navigate purchasing a home inVirginia.  He was able to quickly identify what we liked and were looking for in a home and used that knowledge to help us quickly find a home (within 1 week).He was always respectful and, even though he was busy, always took the time for us and made sure our needs and wants were being addressed.  Greg's office staff was exceptional as well.  We would highly recommend Greg to anyone looking to relocation or purchase a home in the area." 

- user792606

"Greg worked with us every step of the way. He listened to our needs and wants, and found us several homes for us to look at.  With our specific needs it took us a little longer to find the right home, but Greg was positive through the whole thing.  He made buying a home easy, fun, and he took a lot   of the fear out of it. I highly recommend him for any of your home needs!" 

- JamesWiley7

"Greg is an awesome realtor! Especially if you are first time home buyers, he will sit down and explain everything in total detail for you. He has a ton of patience and never makes you feel silly for asking questions. He would point out things in houses that would affect the over all value that we   wouldn't notice like, it is near the railroad track or the house was in a flood zone and then explain why that would affect the value. When we put in an offer on a house finally he say down with us for 3 hours and went over every detail of everything we signed and explained it all. We will be using Greg for all our real estate transactions for as long as well live in this area. I can't recommend him enough. So yourself a favor and go with Greg Kaplan!" 

- AmandaSiler

"I would gladly recommend Greg Kaplan to my friends. He is very thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and is quick to point out the advantages and disadvantages of prospective houses."


"I have sold several homes over the years. I found Greg to be the best of all the realtors I have worked with. He was professional, responsive, and approachable. He was realistic in his perspective and honest in his opinion. He sold our home in a month and a half. Since we were living several hours   a way,  he coordinated all the repairs by scheduling the contractors and remaining on site while the work was being done. I would definitely only use him again if the need arose."

- Iba42

"I first met Greg about 9 years ago while I was in high school with his daughters. When I was ready to start looking for my first home, I was trying to decide which realtor to use. My parents suggested Greg – and I’m sure glad they did. Being a first-time home buyer I was clueless about a lot of   things. Greg took me under his wing and pointed out the important things to look for in a home. He drove me all over Augusta County for several months, providing valuable insight into both the positives and negatives of every home I looked at, and never grew tired of answering my questions. Greg was very flexible when it came to arranging times to meet, which is very handy with my difficult work schedule. He met me late in the evening, at lunch time, and on the weekends. I’m forever grateful for his kindness and patience. He made the purchase of my first home a wonderful experience." 

- cmb0121

"We contacted Greg about buying a Home.  He showed us a lot of homes and pointed out the good and bad qualities of these homes.He was very personable and knowledgeable about what to look for.  He did a Great job going through the process step by step.  I would recommend him to all my friends that   are looking to buy a home" 

- BillGalloway8

"Greg was both professional and personal. He will do anything it takes to satisfy his clients. Greg handles the grunt work and makes home buying a pleasure..." 

- dickmikolay

"Greg made our experience buying our home amazing. he is on top of everything and if you have questions we could call anytime and he always was honest .we love working with Greg from start to finish. I highly recommend Greg!!!!" 

- Letisha Atkins

"My wife and I moved to Waynesboro Virginia in December of 2013 from Colorado and we knew no one at the time other than my wife’s parents and sister. I made some calls and met with other realtors in the area and found the staff and Greg Kaplan, at “Remax Advantage” to be extremely professional. I   valued Greg’s forthrightness in all of our interactions throughout the home buying process. Greg did his own comps and they proved to be very helpful. After offers on two properties not quite working out for us, we landed the third house we made an offer on, and it has been the right house for us. We love the home and our neighbors and are happy to call Waynesboro Virginia our home now, all thanks to Greg and his team. Just a little something on Greg’s team, they were a pleasure to work with, thank you all.


            Mark and Dianne Lane

            P.S. In the past year we have enjoyed the company of Greg and his wife at our home. I have met with and spent time with Greg in different settings. It is my opinion that Greg Kaplan is a man of his word, and it is my opinion that Greg Kaplan is a man with a moral backbone, and I am happy to call Greg a friend. I pray for Greg and his family that they receive God’s blessings all the days of their lives." 

- user7653781

"Greg Kaplan is truly the BEST Real Estate Agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with to buy or sell a home in the last 30+ years. When I was trying to buy a home in Waynesboro Va 2011 I called him after seeing a sign on  a property I was driving around in a neighborhood. I met with him and  was immediately impressed with his knowledge of the area.  He was totally willing to work within my time constraints and work schedules. He took the time to listen to my parameters of what I wanted and sought to find listing that were within them, never trying to up-sale me into something I didn't need or want. He also provided me with excellent information on surrounding businesses and utilities that i would need when I moved in; Such as Utility Companies, Insurance companies etc.  I have been truly happy with the home I bought and have recommended Greg to anyone asking about an agent to use. TOP NOTCH SERVICE!

- susanz52

"Greg Kaplan spent many hours helping us  to scour communities in Albemarle and Augusta Counties for the “right” home and subsequently guiding us painlessly through all phases of the purchasing process. – His patience, understanding, efficiency, know-how and readiness to always go the extra mile   smoothed the way and made our home purchase a pleasant experience for us with a very successful and very happy outcome. We wholeheartedly recommend Greg to you as “Your Realtor for Life”."

 - hugh and Inez

"My wife and I were extremely fortunate to have worked with Greg to purchase our first house. Throughout the process, it was evident to me that Greg aims to protect the best interests of his clients. Specific examples include (1) carefully listening to our criteria and suggesting the best possible   matches, (2) guiding through negotiation processes in ways that benefited us rather than other parties including himself, (3) going extra miles such as performing his own appraisal which turned out to be very close to the formal one we later obtained & going through the contract contents line by line to make sure we understand everything. The list goes on and on. In short, my first home purchase went very smoothly because of Greg's help and now I understand why people recommended Greg to me. I will be strongly recommending Greg to anyone around me who is planning to purchase/sell houses." 

- nextcrom

"Greg helped us find a home in 2011. He navigated us through a search that included short sales, foreclosures, overpriced homes, and other obstacles. He doggedly searched for that perfect house for us, using smart strategies and a thorough knowledge of the local market. In addition to his knowledge and professionalism, Greg is a man of integrity, positivity, and good humor--a good man who is great at his job." 

 - timarnold61

"Words cannot describe how lucky I have been to have worked with Greg Kaplan on all of my home purchases and sales. I would highly recommend him to everyone.   I was a first time buyer and Greg guided me through the entire process with such care and professionalism. I was very new to all ofthe paperwork and the process. Greg understood the importance of getting me in my first house and followed up on ALL angles possible to ensure that I would be able to attain the new home. He not only got me my first, second and third home but made the process seem like a piece of cake. He kept me informed, educated me on the process, and continues to follow up with me to this day. I can't thank Greg enough for the countless hours, meetings and phone calls. Greg always gives 110%. He is all about integrity and excellence. Extremely detailed and patient and on top of all things from start to finish. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this nor will I ever look elsewhere. If you want to be part of a winning team, you can with Greg. He is undeniably the BEST at what he does." 

- josh Griffith

"Greg provided excellent properties to chose from. He listens to you and chooses properties that met our criteria. Some Realtors just show you what they want to sell and not necessarily types of properties that will  interest you. Greg had all the pertinent  information on the neighborhoods and   related comparable properties." 

- frenchpw

"At the end of the day, I felt like "a friend of mine" had helped me to accomplish one of the most important things for my family, i.e. purchasing a new home. What else would you ask for from a person you have never known before? Greg is a realtor who is very responsive, caring, personable, and most   importantly professional. My family has enjoyed meeting with him for numerous house tours and is now happy with the house that Greg helped me to choose. Two thumbs up for Greg!"  

- user9785872

"Greg helped me and my wife buy our first home. he was very prompt and professional about every aspect of our home buying experience. I not  only found a good home but gained a strong friendship working with Greg."


"Mr. Kaplan was instrumental in the sale of our previous home and obtaining the home of our dreams! We truly appreciate his time, hard work, and diligence."


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